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manipulators and palletizers

4-axle Robot a consisting of a transporting slide with floor rail, a strong central column and a telescopic gripping arm. It can palletize the most different products (boxes, bags, cans and others),
thanks to the grippers that are made on measure for every application.
Plus, the CAM Robot can be equipped with rollers, catenaries and automatic storing pallets for the automatic feed of empty pallets and the automatic discharging of full pallets.
The machine is very easy to manage and the working programmes can be easy set (forming). The support of our engineers is not necessary after the machine installation.
Depending on products and on their position on the pallet, multiple grips can be made to improve the system's productivity.

It is different from the other palletizers due to:

  • the modular floor rail which allows obtaining a length which can be configured depending on needs.
  • the sturdy structure which makes it suitable for heavy works.


  • Max misure esterne di ingombro (b x p x h) dipende dalla configurazione
  • Electric power: 380Vac – 50Hz
  • 3 phases + N + PE system
  • Installed power: 11 kW
  • Operator's 5.7” touch screen interface
  • Max. forming number: 40 (in the basic version)

Productivity data:

  • The maximum sizes available for pallets (b x p x h) **** 1200 x 3500 mm
  • Maximum speed: 420 cycle/hour
    *Maximum weight produced in the gripper: 75 kg
  • Maximum number of gripping points: 2
  • Maximum number of pallet stations: n*


  • Automatic pallet feeding
  • Automatic pallet evacuation
  • Presa pallet su pinza
  • Flap.-gripping gripper
  • Double pallet
  • Pinza doppia indipendente
  • Industrial PC with graphic management and endless number of forming operations

Manipulators for boxes and bags








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