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Handling and batching systems
We are specialised in the design, production and start of pneumatic conveying systems.

These systems are mostly used in the handing industry of materials in granules and lightweight finished products with a small/medium size such as corks, bottles and tanks in PET, PE, and PVC. The pneumatic conveying systems are perfectly integrated, thanks to the interchangeable and modular form of the elements which characterise them, through our storing and mechanical conveying systems as well as through all the machines produced by us. So a complete system is available to satisfy all needs of production, storage and in-house conveying.
We produce pneumatic conveying lines:

Under pressure, TPP series by means of: (please, download PDF MB 0.49)

  • Feed by injector where the material is put by means of a loading hopper and there pushed by the fan’s airflow which conveys it to the conveying tube. This type of conveying system may be ideal for plastic granules, cereals and small sized, printed products.
  • A pressure feed with a rotary valve is used to dose the product at the airflow inlet, in order to create the features to obtain a higher conveying capacity.

Under pressure, TPA series by means of: (please, download PDF MB 0.49)

  • Conveying material through the fan, where it is inflated and from which it is conveyed by the airflow into the conveying tube. This system is used, in particular, with plastic granules, powders and recovery materials which are not damaged by the shock with the fan rotor.
  • The air intake sucks the materials up to the unloading point. This system has to be considered the "cleanest" and most efficient, since it does not release dust and the conveying airflow is separated from the materials at the unloading point through a centrifugal dust separator. Therefore, it is ideal to convey small/medium sized plastic materials and small/medium sized printed products like corks, bottles and tanks.





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