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Palletwrappers and wrapping machines
WS 50 E

Complete and sturdy palletwrapper with very good performances. Ideal for medium-large production and for the companies with very diverse palletized products.


GIRA WS 50 E mod. automatic machine for palletized loads with extensible film

  • Maximum pallet size                  1.200 x 1.200 x h. 2.100 mm.
  • Rotating plate with diameter of    1.500 mm.
  • Maximum weight palletized load: 2.000 kg.
  • Button panel integrated in the column with the following functions:
  • Progressive start and stop during the rotating arm phase handled by inverter which enables to adjust also the speed, from 3 to 7.5 revs/minute (according to the new regulations issued by the European Community)
  • Timer for adjustments of coils in the lower and upper parts of load
  • Automatic photocell to measure the pallet's height
  • Roll-holder truck with adjustable speed through Inverter
  • Adjustable film tensioning with electromagnetic clutch by means of potentiometer on the electric panel
  • Truck anti-fall device
  • Lower anti-squashing device
  • Buzzer of cycle start
  • Selection of 2 automatic wrapping programmes:
    single wrapping (only upwards)
    double up/down wrapping
  • Manual and automatic operations
  • Column hinge device for its easy assembling to the platform.
  • Frontal and rear forklift to make handling easier
  • Feed: 400 Volt, 3 Phases + Neutral + Hearth 50 Hz.
  • Construction in conformity with CE regulations


WS 50 E extensible film machines


  • Access ramp for transpallet
  • Oversize column for pallets with a height of 2.400 mm
  • Oversize rotating plank with a diameter of 1650-1800 mm.
  • Pallet-wrapping rising frame to use on three sides with floor-stand trucks
  • Underground frame flush to the floor
  • Black loads' reading photocell
  • Pallet weighing system





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